Close links between HIV & TB lead to many sick children and many deaths

HIV makes TB worse

  • TB can resemble HIV infection in children

  • The usual tests to find TB are often not helpful in HIV infected kids

  • Children with co-infection (infected with both TB & HIV) are more likely to have rapid disease and have more recurrence of TB

  • The risk of active TB is  higher in HIV infected children (up to 20 times higher in infants)1

Co-infection is found in the most vulnerable populations

  • People with HIV & TB are more likely to live in poverty 

  • Children get both HIV and TB from people in the household, those who care for them the most

  • HIV worsens malnutrition, increasing the risk of acquiring TB

Children co-infected with both 
HIV and TB are more likely to die

  • Children with severe malnutrition, young age and severe HIV are more likely to die 2

  • More than one-third of co- infected HIV/ TB infected children will die 3

  • HIV/TB co-infected children have six-fold higher mortality than HIV negative children 3