TB is an important cause of disease and death in young children

TB meningitis can result in severe brain damage

  • Young children with TB are more likely to die than older children or adults with TB

  • 200-300 children die every day from TB 1

  • In some areas 4% of deaths in children younger than 5 are due to TB 2

TB in the spine can cripple children

  • Young children will develop TB disease RAPIDLY (in weeks to months)

  • Where there is more HIV, 18-25% of children may have active TB 3

  • TB disease can be PREVENTED with Isoniazid Preventive Therapy (IPT)

Many children suspected of pneumonia
actually have TB

  • Pneumonia is a leading cause of death in children younger than 5 years old

  • As high as 15% of kids younger than 5 years of age who are thought to have pneumonia may have TB 4

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